Testing the Scania R730 Topline Scania Maximus

Scania R730 Topline, Fahrzeuge, Test, Strimline Foto: Thomas Küppers 14 Bilder

Eight cylinders, 16.4 liters displacement, 730 hp, 3,500 newton-meters torque and Topline driver´s cab plus top equipment. You just can´t get more Scania.

There are actually people who hardly care at all about the purchase price for a Scania V8 , but instead smile when anticipating the high residual value after four or five years. A second-hand Scania V8 is indeed a hot tip among truck buyers. In any event, the residual values regularly peak and are generally 10 to 20 percent higher than for the competitors vehicles. The reasons for this high esteem are twofold: One reason is the legendary durability of the large eight-cylinder engine, and another is skilled cultivation of the V8´s image by Scania.

Why a V8? Why 730 hp?

Like any other truck, a Scania V8 has to earn its money between purchase and sale. Which doesn't seem easy at first glance, no matter how much fun it is to drive the R730. This is because the relatively low payload and high consumption seem to be at odds with the image of an economical truck. Not to mention that the very high purchase price at least partially negates the high residual value. As high as it may be, the transport speed can't compensate for all this and hardly plays a role in earnings. So, why a V8? Why 730 hp? There is no plausible answer to this question.

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