MAN TGS 35.440

The no-frills dump truck

MAN TGS 35.440, Fahrzeuge, Kipper Foto: Michael Kern 13 Bilder

The four-axle MAN TGS 35.440 is a no-frills dump truck. Its strengths lie in intelligent pragmatism and a few refined details like the water-operated primary retarder.

It´s said that women age, but men mature. But what is the equivalent for dump trucks? After all, they are the outdoorsmen of trucks. Let's put it this way: a bit of a rustic nature doesn´t hurt. It also doesn´t matter much if a sense of tradition and traces of wind and weather show through. This at least lets you know that such a rugged individual is more likely to fill quotas than one who constantly chases the latest fads with ostentation and a lot of hubub.

1,800 bar maximum injection pressure and two-stage charging

It took something as big as Euro 6 knocking on the door to motivate MAN to make a few modifications to its TGS, which was introduced in 2007. Virtually nothing changed in the driver´s cab itself. There was some retouching on the exterior to give the heavy MAN a facelift. That´s not very much. But the new Euro 6 engines underneath it did manage to prompt some interest. This is because MAN went its own way with these engines—to the extent that neither a variable turbocharger nor injection pressures above 2,000 bar play a role. A relatively low maximum injection pressure of 1,800 bar and two-stage charging instead characterize the MAN Euro 6 engines, some old, familiar versions of which are no longer even represented.

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MAN TGS 35.440, Fahrzeuge, Kipper
MAN TGS 35.440
The no-frills dump truck

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