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Special Edition lastauto omnibus

Mercedes-Benz Actros – more than 20 years of success

The Actros’ story of success on 50 pages. The comprehensive special edition for download.

When in the fall of 1996 Mercedes-Benz firstly introduced the Actros as the successor to the heavy class trucks, no one expected the new boost to the world of commercial vehicles. In the meantime, the Actros has been going for more than two decades and as the series is sold in the 4th generation it has become the undisputed market leader in its segment. Europe’s most successful heavy-duty truck has become a benchmark for all competitors.

A good reason for the lastauto omnibus editorial team to take a closer look at the Mercedes-Benz Series and publish a special edition for the Actros.
Interviews, Technology reports, comparisons
What sort of experiences have been made regarding production and performance for more than 4 model generations? Interviews, technology reports and a large number of driving behavior comparisons provide information about this story of success. The storyline of the Actros outlines its many areas of use. The topic safety has been another special focus. And, needless to say, apart from reviews, there are also insights into existing and future productions of the heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Actros.



23. Mai 2017
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