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Mercedes Sprinter Kombi 319 BlueTEC

In safe hands was on the road with the Mercedes Sprinter Kombi, which has 190 hp, a medium wheelbase, high roof and space for up to nine people.

In Germany, the Mercedes Sprinter is the number one; in Europe, it plays a prominent role. Along with the Iveco Daily, VW Crafter, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit and suchlike, the Mercedes plays a key role on the market. Especially the Kombi version proves to be an all-round talent with two roof heights and three wheelbases. Whether as a shuttle bus, transporter for work teams and travel companies during the week or as a leisure vehicle for big families on the weekend.

Cultivated engine with balance shafts

The V6 diesel engine with three liters displacement delivers 190 hp, already developing a maximum torque of 440 Nm from 1,400 rpm. Its spontaneous response characteristics even at low revs are convincing, and it quickly accelerates the vehicle (with an unladen weight of 2,580 kg after all) over the entire rev range in spite of the high-ratio rear axle. The emission control equipment ensuring the Sprinter's compliance with the Euro 6 emission standard is surely partly responsible for the higher unladen weight. This subdued engine with balance shafts is more than powerful enough for the Mercedes.

With air suspension and level control on request

In conjunction with the direct steering system, the rear-wheel-drive vehicle can move agilely over winding country roads. It responds somewhat sensitively to short impacts, but, overall, passengers are in safe hands in the Kombi, which can be enhanced with air suspension and level control if desired. Even with a low additional load, the Sprinter still shows a sufficiently comfortable damping effect. The smooth-shifting 7G-Tronic Plus 7-speed automatic gearbox (2,062 euro extra) ensures the transmission of power and torque to the rear wheels. Gear changes are hardly noticeable, and there are scarcely any gear noises at all. Compared to the older 5-speed automatic gearbox, it improves acceleration in first gear and reduces consumption on highway trips with the aid of a high-ratio 7th gear (i = 0.728). The addition of BlueTEC after the type designation stands for emission control with SCR system in line with the Euro 6 emission standard.

Efficient roof air-conditioning system

In the interior, the Sprinter Kombi shows characteristics very close to passenger car standards. The engine itself is hardly noticeable even at a top speed of just over 160 km/h. Here, wind noises predominate on the a-pillars and the optional roof air-conditioning system. This system is an excellent air-conditioning solution for the rear of the vehicle. It distributes temperature-controlled air via the air diffusers on the ceiling.

Hard plastic simple to clean

The materials surrounding the driver's workplace retain the Kombi's commercial vehicle charm, with hard plastic predominating, which can be quickly wiped and is simple to clean. A host of storage shelves, including above the windshield and center console, offer enough storage space to keep everything neat and tidy. The passenger compartment benefits from large tinted windows, which let in a lot of light, but keep out prying eyes.

Numerous driver assistance systems

The number of assistance systems on offer is huge. At no extra charge, the Adaptive ESP stability control system is offered, which takes into account the load condition during brake intervention action. The system has two important additional functionalities: Brake Disk Wipe and Electronic Brake Prefill. In wet weather, Brake Disk Wipe serves to wipe the film of water off the brake discs at regular intervals, thus shortening the stopping distance. Electronic Brake Prefill shortens the brake response time if emergency braking occurs, thus also shortening the stopping distance.

Long list of options at extra charge

The Sprinter also features Crosswind Assist as standard, which works together with the ESP. Further options in the list of options at extra charge include the Blind Spot Assist system, the Lane Keeping Assist and High Beam Assist. Mercedes is selling everything in the package for 1,005 euro. A reversing camera can be had for 549 euro. But if you tick too many equipment items, you will soon approach the 50,000-euro mark.

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In safe hands Mercedes Sprinter Kombi 319 BlueTEC

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