Setra S 415 Multi-Class UL business (2015) Economy program

Setra S 415 Multi-Class UL business, Fahrzeuge Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin 11 Bilder

The S 415 Multi-Class UL business proves that a Setra can be affordable—even if this does involve some sacrifices.

Daimler´s premium Setra brand generally cultivates an exclusive and priceless image—and not just recently. The more the better seems to be the motto here. And the Ulm-based company is becoming more and more comfortable in its benchmark position in areas like electrical equipment and cockpit design. This may work and could be intentional in the coach segment, at least in its luxury sector. After all, the numbers agree with this long-established brand. On the other hand, despite good profit margins in the luxury sector, there is also a lot of money to be made with the right product at the other end of the market. This is especially true for the area of inexpensive, no-frills dual-income sources. This is the playing field shared by the Mercedes sister brand with its Intouro, which is largely identical to the Multi-Class, as well as by other manufacturers like Iveco and Temsa or, recently, MAN with the Lion’s Intercity it just introduced.

Smart customer loyalty and profit maximization strategy

What at first glance seems to be the last hurrah of the old 400 model line actually turns out to be a smart customer loyalty and profit maximization strategy. This model family, launched in 2006, now includes more than twelve members in finely graduated lengths from 10.50 to 15 meters and with various body configurations. Formulated in terms somewhat unfamiliar for this brand, the stated aim is to guarantee highly economical use of the with efficient and economical equipment items. Or to put it briefly: less is more.

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