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Trendbee Basic

Telematics enhanced with compact tracking solutions

Trendfire Foto: Trendfire

Telematics- and TMS-suppliers present solutions for transparent processes at the transport logistic.

11.05.2017 Carsten Nallinger

The trend topic of this year‘s trade fair transport logistic, taking place from May 9-12, is digitalized processes. Several telematics- and TMS-suppliers (transport management system) show how logistics benefit from such digitalized processes. Trendfire (hall 11, exhibition stand C12) presents Trendbee Basic, a robust GPS-tracker for trucks, vans, trailers, construction vehicles and machines. With this compact tracking solution, the German supplier  is expanding its comprehensive telematics solution, which now also manages toll calculations for Switzerland. Furthermore, the company presents a RFID-trailer-detector, with which trailers are matched to their respective truck unit. The telematics app was additionally expanded. It now provides new features for order management and documentation. In the touring sector, the driver is e.g. able to look at all data on stops, shipments, packages and delivery notes at a single glance. Cargo damage is quickly documented and shipment status recorded.


For more information on transport logistic trade fair klick here.

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