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Association of Forwarders and Logistics Baden-Wuerttemberg

Freight forwarders fly the flag for Europe

Verband Spedition und Logistik Baden-Württemberg Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin

The transport- and logistics industry promotes an open Europe. To this purpose, the Association of Forwarders and Logistics Baden-Wuerttemberg (VSL) presented a corresponding initiative at the trade fair transport logistic.

11.05.2017 Matthias Rathmann

Eurocritical voices are increasing. In European core countries, right-wing populists are questioning the common value- and economic entity, and even manage to get into the presidential run-offs in Austria and France. These are wake-up calls for logistics operator Karlhubert Dischinger from Ehrenkirchen. The last straw that broke his back on the issue were media reports about a Spanish warship turning up at British exclave Gibraltar. For Dischinger, at the same time President of the Association of Forwarders and Logistics Baden-Wuerttemberg, it was decided: the transport and logistics industry is required to set an example, to fly their flag for Europe and to commit clearly to the European Union.

A corresponding initiative titled "Logistics for Europe" was presented by the VSL at the Baden-Wuerttemberg exhibition stand at the trade fair transport logistic in Munich on Thursday.

Europe ensures peace and preserves prosperity

Europe mustn't be degraded by populists, Dischinger warned. "After all, we have experienced 70 years of prosperity and peace, not least because of open borders," the entrepreneur from South Baden explained, and emphasized that it's worthwhile to get involved for Europe. Dischinger is aware of the consequences of barriers and inspections for economy and populace. He experiences several kilometer traffic jams on his doorstep on the A5 to Basel every day. He also remembers his experiences with Swiss traffic decades ago: "I remember how many cups of Espresso we drank before finally getting the stamp to cross the border at Chiasso," he said. Now Switzerland may not be a EU member, but he wouldn’t want to imagine such customs clearance at the borders between EU countries.

"It must therefore be our purpose to become more political – not in order to support the parties, but to become actively involved for a Europe with free borders," Dischinger explained. More than 20 companies in transport, logistics, vehicle construction, freight exchanges and media have already joined the initiative. trans aktuell also supports the initiative. Approximately a dozen more companies also showed their interest at the presentation. "I’m assuming we’ve tossed a stone into the water which is now slowly creating waves," Dischinger said. This assumption was confirmed by words of Frank Huster, CEO of the German Association of Forwarders and Logistics (DSLV). "Europe ensures peace and preserves prosperity," Huster explained.

DSLV wants to convince European association Clecat to join initiative

It’s worth fighting for this valuable commodity. The DSLV will support the initiative and also try to win over European association Clecat. VSL explains in a ten-bullet list on its webpage why a commitment to an open and free Europe is worthwhile. The logos and names of fellow campaigners can also be found on this page. Dischinger also wants to promote the initiative at his association's summer festival on 5th July at vehicle manufacturer Kässbohrer in Ulm, which, as a Turkish company, also supports the initiative, and also at his general meeting on 18th July in Baden-Baden.

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