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Toll Collect at transport logistic

Toll Collect provides information about toll expansion

Maut Foto: Thomas Küppers

Starting in July 2018, all German federal highways will be subject to tolls. The chargeable route network will grow by two-and-a-half times.

10.05.2017 Matthias Rathmann

This poses high demands for toll operator Toll Collect. Their aspiration is the realization of the necessary technical and IT-specific adjustments during active operations. The service provider explains what this means in practice at the exhibition stand (hall A6, exhibition stand 125/226) at the trade fair transport logistic.

"The automatic bookings with the on-board unit (OBU) will be further developed, because a lot of change happens on federal highways more often and faster than on the motorways – construction sites, road closures, passage bans," the toll operator explains. This means the data for toll collection will change much more often and at shorter notice than previously. "Which is why OBUs will in future only communicate the movement data and vehicle features relevant to toll collection to headquarters," they say. The toll amount won't be calculated until then. At the moment, the toll is calculated in the vehicle unit and sent to the data center. The transition will take place step by step automatically for all OBUs, starting at the end of 2017. The units can still be used, a service at the workshop isn't necessary.

Unlike toll checks on motorways, there will be no toll bridges on federal highways. Along with mobile monitoring, Toll Collect will use four-meter high blue monitoring pillars to help with analysis. Such a pillar is exhibited at the stand for visitors to look at.

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