Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles RMMV to deliver 110 HX81 tractor-trailers

SLT 2 Mammut Foto: Johannes Roller

An international customer has awarded Rheinmetall a major contract for military trucks. The order encompasses 110 logistic vehicles worth a total of €134 million, earmarked for delivery between January 2018 and February 2019. Additional vehicle orders are envisaged. The contract includes comprehensive service and logistical support for a period of five years.

The vehicles on order are tractor-trailers based on the successful, operationally proven HX81 from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). Unlike many comparable vehicles, RMMV’s HX family consists of military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) products. They combine tried-and-tested, dependable components from large-scale production runs, specially customized to meet the most exacting military requirements. Around 12,000 of these vehicles are currently in service worldwide. Among others, the group of user nations now includes the UK, Denmark and New Zealand. Like Sweden and Norway, Australia has also placed large-volume orders with RMMV in recent years. When it comes to logistical interoperability, this significantly facilitates multinational military operations.

The new order underscores once again Rheinmetall’s growing reputation as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of tactical and logistic vehicles. Right from the outset, these trucks are designed for maximum robustness, load capacity and mobility both on and off the road. As a rule of thumb, they have a service life of at least twenty years and 300,000 km in military use. In compliance with STANAG norms, standard HX family vehicles can operate in climatic zones A1 to C2, i.e. at temperatures ranging from -46°C to +49°C. They can also be adapted to operate under all other climate conditions. Moreover, it is possible to equip them with passive and active protection solutions without major reengineering work. New operational requirements and experienced gained in the field flow systematically into ongoing development work.

The HX family comes in variants from 4x4 to 10x10. Cargo trucks, tankers, heavy-duty recovery vehicles, system platforms, folding road-laying and bridge-laying systems – all of these are perfectly possible. In addition, the vehicle family concept results in largely identical operation as well as maintenance, repair and spare part requirements, leading in turn to lower lifecycle costs.

RMMV exploits its strengths as original equipment manufacturer to the full, as well as its ability to integrate numerous subsystems and components into the system. Importantly, RMMV offers a single source approach to service. Everything from 1st to 4th level support is possible, even during deployed operations. These vehicles underscore Rheinmetall’s status as a world-leading tech enterprise specializing in security and mobility.

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