trans aktuell Fehrenkötter test

Assessment after a year

Fehrenköttertest Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin 2 Bilder

The test trucks have the first year behind them. In the last five months, a new leader has emerged when it comes to operating costs.

From loser to leader – the development of the Volvo FH has been surprisingly positive in the last 11 months. The vehicle arrived for the start of the test with rust film on the frame, and after a few days the retaining straps of the exhaust system then tore. The Swedish truck did not get off to a good start in the test, immediately reporting a day lost on its cost account at 1,000 euro. Combined with a purchase price in the mid-range of its competitors, a top place was initially hardly to be expected among the seven trucks taking part in the trans aktuell Fehrenkötter test.

Volvo with the surprisingly lowest diesel consumption

But the first projected results already surprisingly revealed Volvo had the lowest diesel consumption in the field, reaching second place behind the Mercedes Actros. Up until then, the Actros had got by without having to go to a repair shop, thus staying ahead of its six rivals – until November 20 of last year. Fehrenkötter then had to have new batteries installed for the Actros, reporting two hours of time lost. Further workshop visits in December and at the start of February followed. All in all, the Actros was not available for transport use for 1.5 days. This cost the freight forwarder Fehrenkötter 1,500 euro, which is clearly reflected in the TCO ranking.

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trans aktuell Fehrenkötter test
Assessment after a year

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