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Transaction platform

TimoCom launches application TC Transport Order

TimoCom is converting its transport platform to a transaction platform. The IT-specialist presents the application TC Transport Order at the transport logistic trade fair.

With the release at the beginning of July of this year, TimoCom (hall A5, exhibition stand 317/418) is expanding the functionality of their transport platform, to which freight exchanges TC Truck & Cargo belong, amongst others. According to company details, the application called TC Transport Order enables more than 110,000 users to carry out transactions entirely via the online platform for the first time. „The introduction of TC Transport Order contributes significantly to the transport platform‘s digital development. For our customers this means significant time savings as well as high process cost savings thanks to end-to-end digital procedures and the avoidance of media breaks,“ TimoCom spokesperson Gunnar Gburek explains.

How it works

With TC Transport Order, the user is able to inquire about a transport at several partners simultaneously – in real time and at daily updated prices. Out of all the offers, he choses the one that suits him best. The potential service providers receive the chance for additional business because of the specific inquiry. Then the transaction is sealed via „digital handshake“. This way, all parties have an eye on the transport order‘s status. In future, TimoCom users will also receive messages about events relevant to them – likewise directly within the transport platform.



9. Mai 2017
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