trans aktuell „Fehrenkötter“ test Volvo FH460 on target

trans aktuell Fehrenkötter Test v. li.: Oliver Trost, Werner Bicker, Christian Coolsaet, Volvo, Jürgen Schwarzer, Fahrer Fehrenkötter Transport und Logistik GmbH, Martin Lundstedt, CEO Volvo, Joachim Fehrenkötter Foto: Thomas Küppers

After approximately 320,000 kilometers and 30 months of everyday use, the winner of the great trans aktuell „Fehrenkötter“ test has been determined. In the end, the Volvo FH460 showed the best „total costs of ownership“ (TCO).

All seven in Germany available truck brands participated in the big field test of the Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH for the second time already. At the beginning of 2014, a DAF XF 460, an Iveco Stralis AS260S46, a MAN TGX 24.440, a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545, a Renault  T440, a Scania R450 and a Volvo FH460 entered the race. The test focused on purchasing price, development of maintenance and repair costs, breakdown downtime, driver opinions as well as residual sales value. Special attention was paid to fuel consumption; the vehicles consumed between 28.9 and 32.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The trucks ran as platform vehicles with towing vehicle and trailer. Vehicles and agricultural machinery were predominantly transported. The freight company paid special attention to evenly distribute the mission types of all trucks. A consistent workload could therefore be guaranteed for the test's entire duration.

The analysis of all economic data was carried out by the expert organization DEKRA. All data and values were permanently centrally recorded and processed. Whether fuel, operating material, repairs or breakdowns, every little figure was analysed and uploaded. In the end, an objective and for Fehrenkötter transparent result could be identified.

For Joachim Fehrenkötter, managing director of Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik, the test was worth it, despite the tremendous internal effort. "The test of a single vehicle shows tendencies, but no universally applicable recommendations for vehicle procurement. This benchmark test brought us a lot of clarity for our future fleet strategy." The businessman is sure: "Dealing with all manufacturers has given us a new and very transparent view on them and their products."

In an hour of celebration, trans aktuell, magazine for transport, logistics and management, Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik, and DEKRA handed the trophy over to Christian Coolsaet, managing director of Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe, on Friday, 23rd September.


Details to the test can be found in the September 23rd issue of trans aktuell 19/2016.

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