Emergency brake assistant recognizes pedestrians Daimler gives a world debut

Daimler ABA 4 IAA-Preview Foto: Daimler 6 Bilder

Daimler is updating its emergency brake assistant Active Brake Assist (ABA 4). With the newest upgrade – available in December – the system is able to recognize pedestrians.


According to Daimler, this is an absolute novelty in the truck sector worldwide. Daimler uses a high-resolution multimode radar, which, for one, measures the area next to the truck up to a width of 3,75 meters along the entire length of the vehicle. In addition to this, a long-range radar is included with a coverage angle of 18 degrees and a range of 250 meters. At close range for up to 70 meters, the radar covers 120 degrees. When the radar identifies an object, it calculates the distance and relative speed. Furthermore, it compares the radar signature with documented shapes, making it possible for the radar to recognize pedestrians as well as cyclists. According to Daimler, the system recognizes pedestrians up to a distance of 80 meters. Cyclists are recognized up to a distance of 160 meters. When a pedestrian crosses the road in front of the truck, the system doesn’t run through an optical-acoustic warning cascade, as it does for passenger cars, but simultaneously initiates a partial braking maneuver. The driver is able to override this maneuver at all times by stepping on the gas, dodging, or initializing an emergency stop. If the driver breaks less sharply than the electronics, the partial braking maneuver remains in place, in which case the pedestrian emergency brake assistant also doesn’t initiate an emergency stop.
The pedestrian detector in ABA 4 works up to a speed of 50 km/h and due to the radar technology is largely unaffected by weather conditions, unlike camera-based systems.

A turn-off assistant monitors the trailer in the turns

Another function of the ABA 4 is the turn-off assistant for intersections. It works up to speeds of 36 km/h and continuously monitors the truck’s turning path. If for example the trailer threatens to collide with a pedestrian, cyclist or traffic light, the turn-off assistant warns the driver via optical and acoustic signals. The turn-off assistant of the ABA 4 also works with the help of the side radar from 0 to 90 km/h. When the turn-off assistant senses a moving object next to the truck, a yellow warning-LED lights up on the a-pillar. If the driver activates the turn signal despite the impending collision, the LED flashes red, and an alarm tone rings out on the danger side via the radio.

Daimler will initially offer the ABA 4 for the models Actros and Antos as left-driven 4x2 semitrailer trucks and 6x2 chassis. The price for the Active Brake Assist 4 ranges around 5,500 euro. The complete package with all available security systems – including airbags, retarders, etc. – will cost between 12,000 and 15,000 euros.

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