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AX4 mobile integrating the supply chain

Axit auf der Messe transport logistic Foto: Axit

Telematics- and TMS-suppliers show solutions for transparent processes at the Transport Logistic.

09.05.2017 Carsten Nallinger

The trend topic of this year‘s trade fair Transport Logistic, taking place May 9-11th, is digitalized processes. Several telematics- and TMS-suppliers (transport management system) show how logistics benefit from such digitalized processes. Axit (hall B2, exhibition stand 421/522) makes an immediate impression with several product highlights of logistics-IT-platform AX4 up their sleeve. One of these, for example, is EX4 mobile, a feature for integration and management of partners within the supply chain – independent of time, location or system requirements. With Analytics, Axit offers a new solution for analysis and supply of transfer-accompanying information – all at the push of a button. To this end, the users provide all relevant data for the transportation process. Axit meets Siemens is the name of an IT-solution for supply control of transports at much frequented transfer- and receiving stations like hubs, industrial locations or distribution centers.
Find more information about the Transport Logistic trade fair.

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