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Freight cars

Companies develop low-emission wagons

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Initiative CFW are planning two new freight car models, to start pilot production in 2020. The new wagons are also suitable for high quality and time-sensitive goods.

10.05.2017 Franziska Nieß

The share of rail freight transport within German transport services is stagnating. The Initiative Competitive Freight Wagon (CFW) quotes old-fashioned freight cars as the cause. “There hasn’t been a significant amount of technical innovations for freight cars in decades,” Ralf Jahnke, Managing Associate of Initiative-participant TransCare, explained. Eight companies of the industry are participating in the development and construction of two wagon models, including also freight traffic- and logistics service provider Ermewa, based in Geneva, which presented the project at the transport logistic.

One of the wagons is especially suited for intermodal containers, the other wagon is intended for heavy goods. “We’re reducing noise to under 70 decibels on the new freight cars,” Jahnke explained. The aerodynamic design of car body, chassis and undercarriage is responsible for the noise reduction and also helps to decrease energy consumption. The lightweight construction made from composites enables improved driving dynamics, significantly lower empty weight and higher load capacity. The electro-pneumatics disc brake offers high speeds and has improved dynamics of the block train, and therefore faster access to fast routes, especially during the day in mixed traffic. Additionally, the wagons possess a modular structure, according to CFW, with swap bodies for different goods, central coupling for significantly improved longitudinal dynamics of the block train, as well as power supply and telematics services. Development of the intermodal container wagon starts this year, and kickoff for the second wagon will probably take place in 2019. The first wagon will likely start pilot production in 2020, with the second model following a year later. The Initiative CFW is developing two new freight car models.

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