DHL Hr. Dialo, Saludo Zoom
Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin

DHL‘s digital freight platform

Saloodo presents a new algorithm

DHL freight exchange presented at trade fair for the first time.

Saloodo, DHL’s digital freight platform, has processed 19,000 orders between going live and opening day at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich. As CEO Amadou Diallo told trans aktuell, DHL’s goal is to integrate all parties involved into one platform – currently registered are 3,600 forwarders and 4,500 transport companies. At the trade fair, the platform also informs interested parties about their innovative algorithm, which recognizes seasonal fluctuations as well as imbalances on specific routes, thereby enabling a conclusive market rate prognosis for forwarders. This way, service providers receive an indicator for current market levels and are able to design their offers accordingly. Marcel Frings also had his first Saloodo-appearance at the trade fair. Frings (40) has been Saloodo’s new Chief Commercial Officer (COO) in Germany since the beginning of May. According to company information, he used to be employed at an IT-service provider and -operator of a logistics platform before his transition.

Ilona Jüngst



10. Mai 2017
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