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Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin

Augsburg Freight Center

CT terminal construction to begin next year

Full steam ahead: Building of Augsburg freight center’s long-awaited combined transport terminal to commence in early 2018.

According to Wolfgang Müller, Chairman of the Board of DUSS (Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene – Straße), the official grant notification for the terminal's construction can be expected in two months. Despite the new funding guidelines for combined transport (CT) – which were introduced on January 1, nothing stands in the way of the project. Müller made the joyous announcement at the transport logistic exhibition in Munich. The CEO of container service provider Kloiber – Ferdinand Kloiber – expressed his relief: "Now we are able to link road and rail seamlessly."

Kloiber has been longing for construction to begin since they became involved in the operations of the Augsburg Freight Center (GVZ) in 2011. "Augsburg is an attractive location, and with the CT terminal, we will be able to seize every opportunity for expansion," explains Kloiber. Müller states the approval process for the terminal has been going since 2010, according to Müller. "1.2 Hectares of the GVZ has been reserved for the CT terminal," explains Ralf Schmidtmann, CEO of the freight center's development company GVZ. Allocation of the space will now begin.

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12. Mai 2017
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