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Test: Iveco Stralis AS440S48TP

Big performance, small price

Iveco Stralis AS440S48TP Foto: Karl-Heinz Augustin 9 Bilder

With 480 hp from an eleven-liter engine and an SCR-only exhaust gas purification system,
the Iveco Stralis AS440S48 promises to be an efficient, payload-focused and cost-effective tractor.

20.11.2015 Frank Zeitzen

A well-made six-cylinder inline engine is the holy grail of engine construction. The only engines that are similarly cultivated are a six-cylinder boxer or V12 with the cylinders arranged at 60 degrees. Admittedly, however, not all inline six-cylinder engines are as cultivated as the Cursor 11 in the Iveco Stralis. Hardly any other truck engine accelerates so smoothly, runs so quietly and, thanks to its variable turbocharger, is so responsive to every movement on the gas pedal. It was the Cursor engines with which Iveco established variable turbochargers in trucks over a dozen years ago. This largely decouples the pressure build-up from the arising exhaust gas energy, as the variable drive side can also generate high pressure in the intake passage with little energy.

By contrast, the design of the Cursor 11 (the 11 stands for the roughly eleven liters of displacement) is virtually no different from that of its competitors. As usual for an inline six-cylinder engine, it features seven crankshaft bearings. It also has a one-piece cylinder head with a total of 24 valves and an overhead camshaft. The engine also features a common-rail injection system working at up to 2,000 bar. The exhaust gas is purified by an SCR system, without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). This makes the Iveco an "SCR only" truck. This term describes Iveco's special approach of dispensing with EGR in all engines upon the introduction of Euro 6. Scania followed this approach with some five-cylinder engines and later also with some six-cylinder engines. Mercedes now offers a reworked six-cylinder engine in the OM471 that still has EGR, although it is not always active.

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Iveco Stralis AS440S48TP
Test: Iveco Stralis AS440S48TP
Big performance, small price

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3.99 €
Technische Daten
Iveco AS 440 S 48 T/P
Außenhöhe3.765 mm
Zul. Gesamtgewicht18.000 kg
Tankinhalt400 l
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