Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2022 The entire program at a glance

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The Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference is a two-day event packed with interesting lectures, podium discussions and workshops. In order to offer participants the greatest possible range of information, the event is structured around three thematic pillars: commercial vehicle technology, digitalization and the last mile. You can expect around 80 lectures, podium discussions and keynote speeches. Naturally, we will be offering simultaneous translation of all the lectures (German – English; English – German). Interested? Then secure your place and register here.

Program at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2022

Thursday, June 2, 2022

    • 08.00: Admission, registration and opening of the exhibition
    • 09.00: OPENING SPEECH – Jann Fehlauer, Managing Director, DEKRA Automobil GmbH
    • 09.20: WELCOME BY – Oliver Trost, Managing Director, EuroTransportMedia Verlags- und Veranstaltungs-GmbH
    • 09.30: PRESENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN SAFETY AWARD FOR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES 2020 AND 2021 BY DVR, EVU AND DEKRA – Jörg Ahlgrimm, President, European Association for Accident Research and Analysis e.V.
    • 10.10: KEYNOTE: Gaining momentum on the path to sustainable road transport – Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport

10.40-11.00: Networking break and exhibition visit

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: Active safety of commercial vehicles (Session A1)

  • 11.00: Driver Assist Systems – moving towards Vision Zero
  • 11.25: Truck Emergency Brake Assist – status and recommendations for handling and further progress
  • 11.50: Results of the VSL field trial using the right-turn assist system
  • 12.15: Digital driver assist systems – simply saving life!

DIGITALIZATION: Making the right choice (Session B1)

  • 11.00: Structured selection of a suitable telematics system with eurotransport connect
  • 11.40: Return on invest (ROI) by telematics
  • 12.10: How telematics pays off

THE LAST MILE: Balancing parcel boom and environmental protection (Session C1)

  • 11.00: “Parcel delivery – the last mile”
  • 11.15: "Electrification of the last mile"
  • 11.30: "Transition in transport and traffic – future conditions for freight delivery in urban areas "
  • 11.45: Discussion

12.40-14.00: Lunch, exhibition visit

  • 14.00: KEYNOTE: Mega trends in the commercial vehicle industry – new oppurtunities offered by e-mobility – Andreas Wimmer, Vice President Systems, Technology & Innovation, Trailer Controls, Sales & Marketing Trailer, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH
  • 14.20: KEYNOTE: Commercial vehicle innovations – opportunities and chances through electrification, automation and digitalization – Winfried Gründler, Senior Vice President, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 framework conditions / political positioning (Session A2)

  • 14.50: KEYNOTE: Leading sustainable transportation – Karin Radström, Member of the board, Daimler Truck AG
  • 15.15: Heavy Duty Vehicles CO2 emissions in the context of the European Green Deal
  • 15.40: Political and practical framework conditions for emission-free long-distance truck transport
  • 15.55: Discussion: Are the EU CO2-limits still moderate in view of the current global political situation?

DIGITALIZATION: Wanted – Uniform standards (Session B2)

  • 14.50: ETM provides insights into selected winning solutions of the German Telematics Award 2022
  • 15.20: Why uniform standards are essential
  • 15.30: Discussion: Why non-standardized digitalization is doomed to failure

THE LAST MILE: Best practice and alternative concepts (Session C2)

  • 14.50: Micro-Hubs: E-Drives and smart solutions – challenges and chances for sustainable urban logistics
  • 15.15: Dachser – emission-free deliveries in metropolitan areas
  • 15.40: City semi-trailers in local transport fleet – conclusions after one year
  • 16.05: Last-mile logistics – the big picture solution

16.30-17.00: Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: Fuel cells, batteries and overhead line (Session A3)

  • 17.00: The economic case of zero-emission trucks
  • 17.20: New technologies at Scania
  • 17.40: Dynamic charging – reaching goals in time
  • 17.50: The latest TCO assessments of zero emission commercial vehicles
  • 18.15: Discussion: Which is the right energy source for freight transport?

DIGITALIZATION: Efficiency is coming (Session B3)

  • 17.00: AI for an efficient fleet management
  • 17.25: Put an end to flying blind – with telematics to an optimised transparency in transportation
  • 17.50: Records, records, just records? – How to leverage efficiency instead of administrative efforts with compliance solutions
  • 18.15: Efficiency and flexibility with advanced telematics data analyses and reports

THE LAST MILE: Digitalization, efficiency improvements, new business models – new potential for the last mile (Session C3)

  • 17.00: Save on processing costs and new business models through digitalization
  • 17.20: Microdepots and last mile
  • 17.40: Smart delivery last mile
  • 18.00: Make paperless trade happen – exchange digital trade documents easily via a neutral cloud platform and benefit immediately from the advantages!
  • 18.20: Discussion

18.40: Day 1 comes to an end

from 19.00-22.30: Reception for guests with aperitifs & finger food and end of day

Friday, June 3, 2022

  • 08.00: ADMISSION, registration and opening of the exhibition
  • 08.30: WELCOME BY – Oliver Trost, Managing Director, EuroTransportMedia Verlags- und Veranstaltungs-GmbH
  • 08.40: KEYNOTE: Freight Traffic - Quo vadis? The path to green commercial vehicles – Andreas Rade, Managing Director, German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
  • 09.00: KEYNOTE: Start-up as industrial accelerator – Gerrit Marx, CEO, IVECO S.p.A.

09.20: Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 reduction – electric battery/conventional (Session A4)

  • 10.00: Reform of inner-city refrigeration logistics via low-noise and CO2-free solutions
  • 10.25: Partnerships for disruptive innovations – Krone meets Trailer Dynamics
  • 10.50: Good for the environment, good for business – the trailer’s contribution to sustainable transport
  • 11.05: Discussion: Aerodynamics, lightweight and volume – trailer potentials for higher efficiency

DIGITALIZATION: Beyond the comfort zone (Session B4)

  • 10.00: The digital consignment note – secure thanks to blockchain
  • 10.30: Digital support for dispatchers – shipment tracking for a transparent transport process
  • 11.00: Digitalization is not an end itself – how Volkswagen digitizes Transport Logistics with ROI

THE LAST MILE: Vehicles for the last mile – newcomers on the block (Session C4)

  • 10.00: Freedom of choice – electrification and last mile, model and supplier diversity
  • 10.10: Volta Trucks – electric trucks for safer and more sustainable cities
  • 10.20: Requirements and market potentials for sustainable hevy duty truck apllications – a brief review of demonstratior projects
  • 10.30: Better future
  • 10.40: All-round, trouble-free packages – sustainable vehicles an tailor made services
  • 10.50: Discussion


  • 11.40: The hydrogen motor as modern and efficient drive technology for commercial vehicles
  • 12.05: The energy transition seen by a body manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles
  • 12.30: Supply infrastructure H2, LNG, E-fuels, charging current
  • 12.50: Bio-LNG – an economic value chain for the environment

DIGITALIZATION: On the safe side (Session B5)

  • 11.40: The suply chain in the focus of cyber criminals
  • 12.10: Security scans – security for the digital brand
  • 12.40: It can affect everyone – work ability after cyber attack

13.10: Lunch, Exhibition Visit

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY: E-mobility / automation (Session A6)

    • 14.00: Panel discussion: European Clean Trucking Alliance (ECTA)
    • 14.30: First mover in truck dimensions according to EU law – how DAF uses the new dimensions and weights efficiently and safely
    • 14.55: Autonomous Trucks - Daimler Trucks‘ dual track strategy
    • 15:20: Decision theory and integration demands in truck automatization

15.45 Uhr Farewell

Interested? Then secure your place and register here.

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