Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2021

Why you should be there

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Jann Fehlauer, Managing Director, DEKRA Automobil GmbH invites you to participate at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2021. Are you interested? Benefit from the knowledge headstart and sign in here. Please download the program as pdf at the end of the article.

These are unusual times for us all. For more than a year now, the pandemic has kept the world in its thrall. It has questioned habits and sometimes turned them upside down. It has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. However, completely independent of incidence figures and vaccination priorities, transporting goods from A to B remains the mainstay of the economy and society. Transportation needs to fulfill three criteria both now and into the future: safety, efficiency and sustainability. These three terms sum up the currently huge challenges facing the sector, and they will constitute the focus of the DEKRA Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2021. We have subtitled the event “future-proof transportation” and will be discussing assistance systems, automation, alternative drives and much, much more with high caliber experts – and hopefully with you, too.

Global partner for a safer world

Since its inception back in 2015, the conference has established itself as the central forum for the safety and future viability of commercial vehicles. It is an event that allows vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, as well as practitioners from the transport trade, politics and science to conduct comprehensive and holistic discussions on the topics that drive the industry. And the fact that DEKRA is the driving force behind it is in our DNA. We have been working to improve road safety for almost a century and, as a technical service organization listed on the stock exchange, are now the global partner for a safer world. Also, DEKRA e.V. is largely supported by members of the transport and logistics sector, and the future of the commercial vehicles is one of our core concerns.

So, I avidly look forward to the next iteration of the Outlook Conference. In light of the pandemic, we have added the option of virtual attendance to the face-to-face event – which we consider important and which we currently fully expect to go ahead. I am very much looking forward to welcoming you there, preferably live in Berlin.

Click here for registration for the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference 2021.

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